embossed meaning in banking

Credit cards, which first appeared in Anglo-Saxon countries, are very different from debit cards. Instead of having your bank transactions debited from your account, your bank pays the sum directly and then grants you a credit. Once a month, you have to pay your bill or invoice, at least in part. In other words, you wait until the end of the month before paying what you’ve already spent.

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A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC), is any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process data. This implies that it can receive input which is processed — by way of the ICC applications — and delivered as an output. Memory cards contain only non-volatile memory storage components, and perhaps some specific security logic.

Pressed Braille

Card providers are moving to printed numbers because they say these cards last longer. This lets the blind person know which end of the debit or credit card to insert into the card reader. In terms of operating costs, laser engraving is the least expensive process among the many available for card personalization as no consumables are used. The only running cost is for the vacuum filter that should be changed every months. Reverse transfer printing actually lengthens the duration of the printing unit lifecycle, because the printhead never touches the card during the printing process.

Why do credit cards have embossed numbers?

The raised numbers on your card are used to apply pressure, which causes the carbon paper to mark the paper in the slip. You sign it, and then the part are separated by the cashier – you get one, one is sent to the card company and the third may be kept by the retailer if they use 3-part slips.

Continuous inkjet printing (CIJ) is primarily used for coding and marking of products and packages while DoD is the most common system used to print on card. Because the print head is physically in contact with the card surface, debris on the card or defect of the chip module implanting (raised) might damage the heating elements of the print head. A common step done before the actual print is to clean the card surface by means of a sticky tape. During the chip card personalization it is also possible to load applications and further parameters of the Card Operating Systems and its application. Historically, bank cards have also served the purpose of a cheque guarantee card, a now almost defunct system to guarantee cheques at point of sale. High-end and elite cards like JPMorgan’s Chase Sapphire Reserve, which launched in 2016, are even more likely to differentiate themselves and try to impress spenders through design.

Embossed Card Definition, How It Works, History

Decline A response from the card issuer denying the use of the card for the attempted transaction. If a request for approval is declined, the merchant must ask the cardholder for another form of payment. Card Present A type of transaction in which the card is present and is swiped through an electronic device that reads the contents of the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Batch A group of approved credit card transactions, usually accumulated during one business day.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) A digital phone service link capable of supporting up to three types of communication devices simultaneously. Hard Decline A declined authorization attempt resulting from a lost or stolen card, pick-up card, etc. A Code 10 call should be made by the merchant to the authorization center. Front-End Network Network provider responsible for authorizing and capturing transactions and forwarding the information to the back-end network.

Smart card

The computer tells the encoding head when to switch from positive to negative and thus controls the pattern of charged particles on the magnetic stripe. Expiry Date of a credit card is the last day until which it remains valid. The anatomy of credit card can be studied by analyzing its front and back side. Here are three definitions of credit card depicted and listed below.

embossed meaning in banking

E-commerce Electronic Commerce – the sale and purchase of goods or services over the Internet. Digital Certificate An encrypted attachment to an electronic message, used for security purposes. The most embossed meaning in banking common use of a digital certificate is to verify that a user sending a message is who he or she claims to be. Also, a method of resolving a dispute between members if no chargeback reason code applies.

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Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) An electronic debit created from a consumer check processed in a lockbox, drop box or other payment receivable processing environment. Many banks offer the option of printed or embossed numbers to blind people. A good example of this is that some blind people like to have the numbers embossed on their cards, and others like to have it printed. For example, telephone numbers are printed in a large font to make them easier to read, and the card has a large contactless symbol to make it clear that it allows PIN-free payments.

What is the advantage of embossed?

Embossed Printing: The Benefits

When an area of paper or card is embossed, the results are that it sits higher than the surrounding paper. This brings the chosen section out of the card and raises it, creating a three-dimensional effect that draws the attention of whoever's looking at it.